The Truth About Steel/Aluminum Tariffs Resonates, Despite Scare Tactics

The steel and aluminum tariffs ordered by the President Trump last week elicited the same “Chicken Little” squawks as the end of net neutrality, the roll-back of years of Obama market meddling regulations, and across-the-board cuts in federal taxes. The calamitous fallout predicted from the President’s latest policy move includes tit-for-tat trade wars, skyrocketing consumer prices, and the collapse of the stock market.


Boston “environmentalists” would rather pay Putin to plunder the Arctic than allow a pipeline from Pennsylvania

Political obstructionism in the energy marketplace in Massachusetts led to predictable results during a cold snap earlier this winter: the cost of generating electricity increased so much that heat and power almost disappeared.

Wolf Spending Plan Is a Big Win for Competitor States

Governor Tom Wolf’s budget proposal offers little to encourage growth in Pennsylvania. As President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) said after the governor’s address, this budget does nothing to help Pennsylvania avoid getting stuck on the sidelines when the “wave of economic growth hits from the changes in federal tax law.”


Overtime Pay Announcement Just Another Stunt for Wolf Administration

Governor Wolf got some election-year publicity last week with his decree that overtime pay should apply to tens of thousands of additional workers. Highlighting the stories was a catchy, but misleading phrase, the governor used in his announcement: “It’s simple,” he said, “if you work overtime, then you should get paid fairly for it.” Actually, it’s not all that simple.

Wolf Administration seeks to thwart pro-growth tax relief for PA employers

In the quiet of the Friday before Christmas, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue published a policy change covering depreciation of capital investments that marks a 180-degree reversal from a 2011 change made under the Corbett Administration. Governor Tom Wolf is doing an end-around a General Assembly that for nearly four years has held fast against his yearly quest for tax increases.

Political Climates Change But Arguments Against Shale Tax Remain the Same

The House came one vote short Tuesday night of reviving an on-again, off-again debate over whether to slap the natural gas drilling industry with an additional tax on energy production. Then, after a short morning session on Wednesday, lawmakers left Harrisburg for Christmas break. Business leaders expect the shale tax debate, or even the prospect of one, to carry over when lawmakers return to Harrisburg on January 22, for the start of session in the New Year.

Please Support Senate Bill 166

George Washington famously stated, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” As government becomes larger and more powerful, President Washington’s insight becomes more critical. The inherent power of government should be recognized and treated as such; kept in check and harnessed. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that government remains truly neutral and impartial as it conducts the public’s business. That is why the passage of Senate Bill 166 is so imperative. 

Lowman Henry Remarks

Lowman Henry

Remarks by

Lowman Henry, Chairman

Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association

At the annual PMA Seminar