Repeal of Obama Energy Mandate Cheered by Industry

Early last week, Environmental Protection Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the start of the repeal of an Obama energy mandate for power plants. The true goal of the mandate wasn’t lower global temperatures, as trumpeted by the Obama administration, but the crippling of the coal industry through manipulation of the fuel supply mix for power plants.

Timmons and Taylor: President’s Tax Plan Will Spur Economy in Pennsylvania and Across the Country

NAM Media Relations

Washington, D.C., October 11, 2017 – National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons and Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association (PMA) President David Taylor released the following joint statement on President Donald J. Trump’s tax reform rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:

Workers’ Comp Reform Needed to Help Injured Workers and End Trial Lawyer Scam

State Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Berks) suspected something sinister at work when the trial bar targeted him with a negative ad campaign over his legislation, HB 18, which creates a drug formulary for injured workers. The campaign was venomous even by the usual trial bar standards. 

Defiantly Committed Group of Lawmakers Produced No-Tax-Increase Budget

A budget caucus of sorts has formed in the House and while the new group isn’t necessarily good news for the inner workings of the legislature, it’s great news for the taxpayers.

“They’re calling us ‘Moul’s Marauders’ (after Rep. Dan Moul, R-Adams, the founder of the impromptu group), the ‘Raucous Caucus’ and some other names that aren’t nearly as nice,” said Rep. Kristin Hill (R-York), one of the few stalwart House members who worked with Moul right from the beginning when the new group was formed in late July.

Criminals Disguised As Protestors Pay Under Scott Martin Legislation

Senator Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) has cleverly taken a well-established principle in the retail business and applied it to protestors who corrupt the right to free speech: you break it, you bought it.

The Commonwealth Cost Reimbursement Act Legislation (SB 743), which Martin introduced with five other Senate Republicans, including Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson), would allow the local police or a local or state government to petition the courts to require protestors to cover the damages, including the costs of arrests, they leave behind.

State Government Too Broken For Legislature to Fix

For Rep. Steve Bloom (R-Cumberland), it’s time to turn Harrisburg’s troubles over to a higher authority. Partial and late budgets, declining credit ratings, costly and error plagued state contracts, and a trail of corrupt officials are symptoms of deep structural problems, he says, and a constitutional convention is the only way to fix them. “These are issues the Legislature is either unwilling or unfit to take care of,” Bloom said.


To build a better future, Harrisburg must change its ways -- NOW

It’s more than just the weather driving people South and West. North Carolina has enjoyed budget surpluses for five straight years. Over the same time, manufacturers there have created hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs, and business and personal income taxes have been slashed.

“Zero emissions credits” for radioactive waste?

Late last week, a federal judge in Illinois dismissed a lawsuit filed against a one-year-old state law that subsidizes nuclear power through higher bills on residential and business customers. On Monday, the Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA), the lead plaintiff seeking an injunction, appealed the ruling to the 7th Circuit in Illinois, but the judge’s dismissal of the suit serves as a cautionary tale for a coalition of business and consumer interests in Pennsylvania working against such a law here: stop it from ever getting enacted in the first place.

State Government Leaders Back in Harrisburg Rummaging for Funds

The General Assembly returns to Harrisburg this week in search of more than $2 billion to fully fund, as required by law, the $32 billion spending plan that was sent to the governor last Friday. The available options are all unwelcome: borrowing; more gambling; increasing taxes; shifting money between funds.

PMA's Testimony on Regulation Reform - House State Government Committee

Testimony before the


 June 20, 2017


 Speaker K. Leroy Irvis Building

The Capitol

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania